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You can contact us by phone: 304-503-4746 or by email: Ask for DJ.


Who Can Do This?

If you are a café or restaurant or any kind of business that sells coffee and has the ability to grind your own coffee beans, we can work with you to create a unique House blend for you. We do not make House blends for personal orders. This is a business partnership only.


Pricing and Minimum Orders

First, we will discuss pricing and minimum monthly orders. We want to start small and grow with your business. This is easier for you and ensures our coffee is served fresh!


The Development Process

Next, we will discuss flavor and degree of roast profiles. Once we have an idea of the direction you wish to go, we will set up a coffee tasting with varying blends for a side by side taste comparison. The blend we develop will be unique for your business.



No contracts are necessary. You will be billed at the beginning of each month and your coffee will be delivered each week or month depending on how much coffee you require. You can terminate our partnership at any time.

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