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Our Roaster

We found our antique 1900’s Royal No. 5 Coffee Roaster in an old grocery store in Pennsylvania. When the store changed owners they found it in the basement full of peanuts! It was in use until 1992. It was used to roast both coffee and peanuts. Mostly cast iron, this roaster can roast up to 25 lbs of coffee per batch with a minimum of 5 lbs. We do not have the original cooling tray and the motor must have burned out somewhere in the last 100 years but a replacement was added somewhere in the past.

The workhorse

DJ Cassell

DJ started roasting 2 years ago as a hobby and to indulge his love for coffee. As a home brewer and winemaker, he is obsessed with making the things he drinks. He decided to learn how to roast his own beans. Sharing his roasted beans with friends and family everyone encouraged him to sell his awesomeness. DJ and his wife, Angela, are educators in West Virginia and have had students come to class without jackets in the winter or basic essentials such as underwear or socks. They wanted to come up with a way to fill this need and help the children in their community and caffeinated the masses.

Barista, Roaster, Coffee Enthusiast, & Educator

Becky Mesker

Becky was a Barista throughout high school and college in the Seattle area. Not only does she love beans from Sumatra and Kenya she also loves the community of coffee goers. Becky worked as a social worker and teacher for many years and could empathize with the need for clothing students. Understanding how access to basic needs, such as clothing, can lower achievement gap and increases absentee rates she was quick to jump into a project to help those students in need. Furthermore, she worked a few years with a tech start up company and realized this idea could happen!

Barista, Teacher, Social Work, & Start-Up Experience

Jase Mesker

Jase, is also originally from the Seattle area, loves coffee and anything caffeinated. Jase worked as an accountant for a few years and is now a regulatory specialist in Oregon. Not only will he be our accountant, but he will also make sure we follow all the rules!

Accountant & business advisor, caffeine addict

Doug Cassell

Awesome at a few things. With over 35 years of business experience and consulting in a wide variety of industries, Doug offers a sounding board for ideas.  He also loves coffee which doesn’t hurt.  He’s a triple shot 16oz Americano man.

Executive Mentor

Janet Acker

Jan is from the NW area. With 30+ years technical and business experience, she offers business acumen, product development and process efficiency. She likes to develop a quality product that is environmentally fitting and provides value to the community and is practically perfect in every way.

Business/Management Guru & Mentor

Bryce Capodieci

Bryce is the newest addition to the Rictus Team. With his experience with crowdfunding and his eagerness to get his hands on some tasty coffee he has graciously accepted the responsibility of marketing director. Bryce is also an avid home brewer and teaches the Craft Beer Certification Program at West Virginia University. He recently has found love for his Aeropress but can’t turn down a cup from a moka pot.

Marketing & Taste Tester

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