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To produce tasty, sustainable, eco-friendly coffee beans that contribute to domestic economic growth and to provide support to students living in poverty through donating at least 25% of our profits to Clothes to Kids. 

We were inspired to create Rictus Roasting through our experiences teaching students in West Virginia. Every winter, we each saw students struggling to make it to school through rain, snow, and ice without winter clothing of any kind. School is hard enough for kids, but when a child lacks even the basics like warm socks, gloves, underwear, good-fitting pants, and a coat, it can become all but impossible for a child to get an education in a safe, dry, and comfortable environment. We have two passions, serving great coffee and supporting students' educations. That's why we donate 25% of our profits to Clothes to Kids, a non-profit created to provide clothing for students who need it most

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